WEBINAR: Using Big Data to Understand Travel Behavior in Napa Valley

Ready to find out how Big Data can help you answer tough questions about travel behavior? 

On our next webinar, Danielle Schmitz of the Napa Valley Transportation Authority, Kevin Johnson of Fehr and Peers, and Laura Schewel of StreetLight Data will discuss how Big Data answered important questions for Napa Valley's Regional Travel Behavior Study.

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April 27th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Our panelists will explain how they combined Big Data with traditional data sources to accomplish several key objectives, such as:

  • Developing their Countywide Transportation Plan,
  • Identifying the true cause of congestion that was long blamed on tourists,
  • Engaging with Napa Valley residents using real-world data,
  • Implementing key public transit improvements.

We'll also answer your questions during our Q&A session. Use the form on the right to register.

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